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The eml-protocol module - Research protocol specific information

The EML Protocol Module is used to define abstract, prescriptive procedures for generating or processing data. Conceptually, a protocol is a standardized method.

Eml-protocol resembles eml-methods; however, eml-methods is descriptive (often written in the declarative mood: "I took five subsamples...") whereas eml-protocol is prescriptive (often written in the imperative mood: "Take five subsamples..."). A protocol may have versions, whereas methods (as used in eml-methods) should not.

Module details
Recommended Usage: Use eml-protocol to describe prescriptive procedures that can be associated with other descriptive or prescriptive procedures.
Stand-alone: yes
Imports: eml-resource, eml-methods, eml-documentation, eml-access
Imported By:
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Element Definitions:

proceduralStep  This element has no default value.
Content of this field: Description of this field:
Type: md:ProcedureStepType
protocol  This element has no default value.
Content of this field: Description of this field:
Type: ProtocolType
The protocol field provides a container for other related fields, such as proceduralStep and ResourceGroup.

Attribute Definitions:


Type: res:IDType

Use: optional


Type: res:SystemType

Use: optional


Type: res:ScopeType

Use: optional

Default value: document

Complex Type Definitions:

Content of this field: Description of this field:
Elements: Use: How many:
A choice of (
A sequence of (
Attributes: Use: Default Value:
The ProtocolType container defines a number of reusable fields that can be referenced from multiple EML modules. It represents well-defined, prescriptive procedures that can be used to document other prescriptive procedures or descriptive procedures such as methods.

Group Definitions:

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