Time Series Sampling Sites

Habitat Measurements Show
Land Precipitation collected by SBC LTER or Santa Barbara County
Stream Discharge
Nutrients, particulate N, P, and C, TSS, conductivity
Beach Biomass and species composition of macroalgal wrack
Abundance of birds
Abundance of invertebrate wrack consumers
Kelp Forest Abundance of >200 species of algae, invertebrates and fish
Water temperature on the bottom
Irradiance at the surface and bottom
Surfperch density and size, foraging habitat, prey biomass
Giant kelp biomass, growth, loss, NPP and stoichiometry
H & N isotopes composition of sediments & consumers
Inshore Ocean Moored current velocity, conductivity & temperature
Nutrients, particulate N P *=& C, chlorophyll-a and CTD profiles
Invertebrate larval settlement