Marine Science Institute
University of California
Santa Barbara CA 93106-6150

Dan Reed 
Job Title: Research Biologist
Biography: I am chiefly responsible for the design and maintenance SBC LTER's long-term studies pertaining to kelp forest structure and function. These studies include annual kelp forest community dynamics, monthly production, biomass, and stoichiometry of giant kelp, and the recently initiated long-term experiment on ecosystem responses to annual kelp loss. I also actively participate in a number of SBC LTER's shorter-term process studies and experiments including the partitioning of NPP among kelp forest autotrophs, interactions between the kelp forest and its flow environment, effects of wave disturbance on foodweb structure, gene flow and connectivity in kelp populations, and feedbacks between kelp forest structure and function.
Research Interests: Reef ecology, dispersal and connectivity, primary production of marine macrophytes