Earth Research Institute
University of California
Santa Barbara CA 93106-3060

Dave Siegel 
Job Title: Professor
Biography: My primary role in the SBC LTER is to assess regional kelp cover and biomass using high spatial resolution (10 to 30 m) satellite imagery (SPOT and Landsat) and to provide access, interpretation and analysis of data on ocean color remote sensing and optical oceanography. These observations are providing SBC LTER with a regional perspective on time scales from months to decades. I am also the Lead PI of the NASA funded Plumes and Blooms (PnB) project whose goal is to understand the land and ocean processes changing ocean color. Relevant for the SBC LTER, PnB makes monthly transect surveys across the Santa Barbara Channel of hydrographic, optical and biological parameters.
Research Interests: Coupling of physical, biological, and biogeochemical marine processes on micro to ocean basin scales. Specifically, ocean color remote sensing and optical oceanography, mesoscale and coastal bio-physical interactions, climate change and its impacts, fishery oceanography, numerical modeling and Lagrangian approaches