Marine Science Institute
University of California
Santa Barbara CA 93106-6150

Bob Miller 
Job Title: Research Biologist
Biography: I am broadly interested in marine community ecology and benthic foodwebs. In 2019 I assumed the role of Lead PI of SBC-LTER from Dan Reed, who led the project from its inception in 2000. With the help of the other project investigators, it’s my responsibility to ensure that project is fulfilling its goals in terms of science, education, and broader impacts, and doing so in an inclusive and collaborative way. I am interested in the relationships, positive and negative, between kelp forest species, and cross-ecosystem connections between kelp forests and pelagic, beach, and deep sea ecosystems. I like to explore these topics in the field using comparative and experimental approaches that usually involve scuba diving. Fortunately, the Santa Barbara coast and SBC LTER have both the perfect setting to do such research and an amazing group of multidisciplinary investigators, graduate students, and undergraduates with a common interest in kelp forests to do it with. Details of my education history, research and education/mentoring experience, funding, and publications are available in my CV.
Research Interests: Marine Ecology