Marine Science Institute
University of California
Santa Barbara CA 93106-6150

Scott Simon 
Biography: As the Outreach Coordinator I work with SBC scientists, staff, and students in K-12 education and outreach programs both on and off campus. With UCSB and other LTER science education representatives, I develop content and programs to articulate the research of the Santa Barbara Coastal LTER, particularly for K-12 needs (students and teachers) and for undergraduates. We incorporate standards-aligned, hands-on programs as well as current research in science education. UCSB's remarkable beach-front location allows for the design, development and implementation of unique and strategic STEM content which is derived directly from SBC research. The campus serves as the hub for our LTER Schoolyard programs, mainly through our teaching aquarium, the Research Experience & Education Facility (REEF, WILL PUT REEF LINK HERE). At the REEF, UCSB undergraduates act as mentors to local high school students, and so gain teaching experience as they pass on their knowledge and research experience. Related SBC LTER K-12 outreach projects I am involved in are "Pathways to Ecological Literacy" (funded through MSP), and a collaboration with the Santa Barbara Unified School District and the UCB Lawrence Hall of Science which brings ocean science to local 6th graders via teacher professional development.