Boating and Dive Safety

SBC LTER has a small boat, RV Kelpfish, a 22’ Radon that is available for use by certified SBC graduate students and other researchers. We also use the fleet of small boats maintained by UCSB’s Marine Operations program on a recharge basis.

The Small Boat Committee consists of the Launchmaster, 1 researcher, and 1 graduate student. At present, the committee is:

  • Clint Nelson (Launchmaster, Unit Dive Safety Officer)
  • Robert Miller (PI)
  • Joey Peters (Graduate student)

The Small Boat Committee will:

  1. Review small boat procedures at least once a year
  2. Grant permission for boat use to individuals
  3. Be notified of all new certifications for boat use and any changes made to the boating regulations

The Launchmaster is in control of day-to-day operations originating at the UCSB Marine Lab. The complete Small Boat Policy is available publicly, and additional material available on the internal server (after login).

Kelpfish launch

Launchmaster Clint Nelson training a student to launch RV Kelpfish from the Goleta Pier

Laboratory Safety

Lab safety follows UCSB and UC system protocols. Lab supervisors are responsible for ensuring that their workers have received documented safety training. At SBC, training for undergraduate volunteers is formal, occurring at the start of the academic year. The lead field tech conducts an annual lab safety review, and coordinates training with UCSB Environmental Health and Safety.

All materials are available on the SBC data server (requires login).

Student in the lab