Data Usage Policies

As a member of Long Term Ecological Research Network, the Santa Barbara Coastal Ecosystems (SBC) LTER is committed to providing access for researchers, students, educators and resource managers to its various datasets. SBC adheres to the LTER Network Data Access Policy (2017). Access to SBC data varies by data category and user affiliation, and requires the potential users to accept the SBC Data Use Agreement. Users will be asked to review our data access policy and agreement before downloading any data. SBC internal and personal information will not be disclosed to other parties nor used for promotional activities.

Internal Data Access

Internal data access requires an SBC server account. For help, contact sbclter@msi.ucsb.edu

To request access, contact sbclter@msi.ucsb.edu or the Information Manager.

Login to Internal File Server

Email lists

SBC has three email lists: