Data Help Desk

If you have questions related to data access, data publication, and data management plans, here are some documents that can assist you.

Data access through data catalog

SBC data review and download protocol demonstrates dataset search, metadata review, dataset download, and dataset citation.

Dataset publication

To publish your dataset, please download the SBC data publication template in a zipped file that includes the metadata collection Excel worksheet as well as abstract and method word documents.

SBC data publication instruction will show you how to fill out the meatadata sheet and prepare your data for publication. If you are a first time user, this is the step-by-step metadata tutorial Youtube video to guide you through the process.

Access SBC server via network drive mapping

SBC user can map SBC file sever on your computer, which allows you to view all SBC related documents, pictures, data, collaborated projects as if it were a drive on your UCSB desktop. Only the computers on campus or connected via VPN (UCSB VPN) can map the SBC server.

Internal data access requires an SBC server account in the GRIT system. Usually an investigator or staff member requests the account for new students, staff or associate investigators. Those requesting the login account should contact Li Kui (SBC's information manager), and provide the new partipant's name, email address and advisor's name.

If you have an active account in the GRIT system, the password setup/reset portal can be found on the self-service page.

Data management plan

In 2011, NSF added a requirement that all proposals include a 2-page Data Management Plan. In LTER, data management plans have been a requirement for a much longer time, and generally, the LTER Network is a leader in data management practices for diverse environmental data. If you plan to collaborate with SBC and house your data in the SBC system, it is essential that the SBC information manager and SBC leadership be kept informed of your proposal's progress.

If you have any question about SBC data, please contact SBC information manager.